V/A “it can’t get worse than this” LP

out now on Rock Is Hell Records

it can't get worse than this

incl. two new songs
REGOLITH “black hole sunn0)))” and
THE POOKA BOYS (Herbst & Neidhart) “puck’s lab dance”

congratulation to our friends of rock is hell records to the 50th release. this one is very very special, includes 50 songs! all songs end with a locked groove, most of the locked grooves are loops. a few songs are running inside-out, you have to find out which ones by yourself. this vinyl masterpiece includes a lot of friends too, like Tumido, The Striggles, Reflector, Ni, Maja Osojnik, Bulbul, Bug, Hella Comet, The Road To Wineville, Riverwitch, and and and

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