HERBST is part of the sound and video project “Airflow”, which will be part of the Interpenetration Festival (2012, december 13th – 15th @ A-GRAZ – forum stadtpark). the project is created by Reni Hofmüller (mur.sat.1, esc) , Maru (chmafu nocords, interpenetration) and Richie Herbst; and attendant of the main project “mur.sat.1”.
23 artists did a soundtrack for a weather baloon flight, like Yulan Yu, Urkuma, Styrian Improvisers Orchestra, Stroblak, Reni Hofmüller, Rdeca Raketa, Rain In Milan, Patrizia Oliva, OOO, Neuf Meuf, Mussurunga, Michael Fischer, Maja Delak and Luka Prinčič, Lepenik , Kauders, Jikuuuuuuuuu, Grit Ruhland, Cherry Sunkist, Caroline/Seda, Anna Kropfelder, Alien Production, Adam McCartney and Herbst.

about MUR.SAT.1 – A team of about 15 people around (Graz/Austria) builds its first nanosatellite called mur.sat.1, based on the knowledge of Interorbital Systems, IOS, and developped further following our research requests.
In 2013, mur.sat.1 will be sent into space and the crew expand Public Space – noncommercial, noninstitutional, experimental, researching and exploring – to see, hear, test, send, receive and perform.

videos will be online end of december 2012 / january 2013, and there is a announcement for a DVD release

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