Final Transmission Radio Show #198

playlist of the 198th issue of the “final transmission radio show”, aired on july 12th via Radio Fro / Linz / Austria and on july 26th, 2016 via Radio Helsinki / Graz / Austria.

ANGELO BADALMENTI & DAVID LYNCH “i’m hurt bad” from “twin peaks – season two music and more” (david lynch music company)
NEMETH “koi” from “koi” (sonotope)
MOHAMMAD “grabe” from “zo rel do” (antifrost)
KHYMAM ALLAMI “naghmat tahirr” from “resonance dissonance” (nawa recordings)
METALYCÉE “spiders on toast” from “it is not” (mosz)
MUSLIMGAUZE “fagwara jaagoo” from “madrass sitar burner” (staalplaat)
SIDSEL ENDRESEN & STIAN WESTERHUS “baton” from “bonita” (rune grammofon)
FRED FRITH “candy machine” from “step across the boarder” (recrec)
THILGES “mehraban bash” from “la double absence” (staubgold)
THE THING “hidegen fujinaka szelek” from “bag it!” (smalltown superjazz)
L’OCELLE MARE “track 2” from “l’ocelle mare” (sickroom, ruminance, minority records)
MAJA OSOJNIK “hello i cannot find my head” from “let them grow” (rock is hell, unrecords)
GUARDIAN ALIEN “see the world given to a one love entity” (thrill jockey)
HAUSA “young girl night village dance” from “folk music of the sahel vol. 1: niger” (sublime frequencies)
SUN RA “this song is deticated to nature’s god” from “the atique blacks” (saturn)
RONIN “la cinese” from “adagio furioso” (santeria, tannen records)

upcoming shows:
#199 in the year 2017 or 2018 @ radio helsinki
#199 in the year 2017 or 2018 @ radio fro

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